Bengo: Governor wants collaboration from citizens

Bengo: Governor wants collaboration from citizens
Bengo: Governor wants collaboration from citizens

Africa-Press – Angola. The governor of Bengo, Antónia Nelumba, asked, in Nambuangongo, for the collaboration of the citizens for the development of the municipality.

The official was speaking on Friday during the presentation to the local population and mentioned that the people of Nambuangongo are hardworking and with the commitment of all many problems can be solved.

He said that with regard to the Caxito/Nambuangongo road, the local government will continue to work with the central entities so that, in the short space of time, the situation is resolved.

According to the official, special attention will also be paid to the road that connects Caxito to the localities of Caiengue, Onzo and Muxalundo (Nambuangongo), which constitutes a fundamental axis for the flow of agricultural products from the countryside to the city.

The governor will also be concerned, in this term, to increase the number of schools, health technicians and teachers, as well as support for peasants.

On the occasion, the administrator of Nambuangongo, Domingos João Lourenço, pointed out some advances registered in the municipality, in terms of access roads, such as the one that connects the municipality’s headquarters (Muxalundo) to the communes and these to the villages.

At the moment, he said, the village of Muxaluando is being leveled with streets, sidewalks and gardens, at the same time that two centers are being prepared for the commercialization of products, in the localities of onzo and Muhenga. In this first visit to the municipality of Nambuangongo, Antónia Nelumba held meetings with traditional authorities, religious entities and members of the Municipal Auscultation Council.

Nambuangongo is a municipality with approximately 61,024 inhabitants and has seven communes.

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