Cefojor trains more than one million young people

Cefojor trains more than one million young people
Cefojor trains more than one million young people

Africa-Press – Angola. More than one million citizens have been trained by the Journalists Training Center (CEFOJOR), from 2002 to today.

The information is contained in a press release released in reference to the institution’s 20th anniversary, marked last Saturday.

The press release informs that, in recent years, CEFOJOR has registered a high number of people requesting various services related to journalistic training, as well as other areas.

According to the press release, CEFOJOR is undergoing a restructuring phase, with more than ten classrooms, laboratories, offices and other technological areas having already been rehabilitated, as well as its green space.

Since 2020, according to the press release, CEFOJOR has been undergoing a profound restructuring, which has allowed the recovery and equipping of infrastructures, with a view to providing comfort and a decent working environment.

“The current management, which took office in October 2020, began a work of resizing, which aims to raise excellence in courses related to Journalism, Languages, Informatics, among others”, reads the press release, where it is added that, within the scope of the emergency intervention programme, CEFOJOR has already rehabilitated and equipped 14 classrooms with modern equipment, as well as a multimedia laboratory and three Radio, Television and Press workshops.

The press release states that CEFOJOR’s only television studio has been refurbished and equipped and the rehabilitation works on RĂ¡dio Escola 88.5 FM are currently being completed. The recovery of the second television and photography studio is in the works, as well as the construction of two more television studios, which aim to boost training actions.

The press release states that the current management of CEFOJOR is committed to improving wages and continuous training of workers, despite the results achieved in the last two years.

The Journalists Training Center (CEFOJOR) has been in existence since September 2002, having emerged as an investment by the Angolan Government in the training of staff in the field of Journalism.

In the field of training, a diversification strategy was adopted to give the center a new status, having expanded the training portfolio from 15 to more than 57 courses.

Journalism training, which is the center’s calling card, was restructured to meet current market requirements.

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