Cunene with increase in tax and customs revenues

Cunene with increase in tax and customs revenues
Cunene with increase in tax and customs revenues

Africa-Press – Angola. Thirty-two billion, 475 million, 872 thousand, 815 kwanzas and 49 cents were tax and customs revenues collected in 2022, in Cunene province, 14.3 billion more than the previous period.

The increase results from charges made at the border posts of Santa Clara and Calueque, considered the main sources of revenue in the province.

The information was provided this Thursday by the Cunene Finance Delegate, Gika da Conceição Morais, at the time he was presenting the budget and financial execution report for the year ended.

He clarified that the highest amount of revenue was registered at the Customs Delegation of Santa Clara, in a total of 26 billion, 254 million, 288 thousand and 126 kwanzas.

The official explained that the tax revenue was six billion, 67 million, 20 thousand and 221 kwanzas.

He informed that the own revenues, which are the collections from the Citizen’s Portal and the Service Portal, stood at 154 million, 564 thousand, 468 kwanzas and 49 cents.

He recalled that the budgeted units of the province collected their own revenues in the amount of 154 million, 564 thousand 468 kwanzas and 49 cents, of which 88 million, 301 thousand and 905 kwanzas from the Polytechnic Institute of Ondjiva.

He made it known that the expenses incurred, during the period under review, stood at 55 billion, 33 million, 379 thousand, 35 kwanzas and 69 cents.

On the other hand, he underlined that, since the implementation of the Integrated Plan of Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM) projects until December of the year ended, 13 billion, 687 million, 437 thousand and 397 kwanzas were spent.

In the field of the Program to Combat Poverty, he said that 1,000,000, 855 million, 699,181 kwanzas were made available to municipal administrations, which allowed the execution of various actions.

Perspectives for 2023

Gika da Conceição Morais said that new strategies are expected for the current year that allow the alignment of actions concerning the improvement and quality of public expenditure.

Public expenditure is the application of money collected through taxes and other sources to fund public services provided to society and to carry out investments.

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