Elections 2022: João Lourenço urges youth to practice sports

Elections 2022: João Lourenço urges youth to practice sports
Elections 2022: João Lourenço urges youth to practice sports

Africa-Press – Angola. The presidential candidate of the ruling MPLA, João Lourenço, on Sunday urged young people to practice sports with the aim to build a healthy country. He said that to journalists after having covered, in Luanda, 23 kilometres by bicycle in 50 minutes.

João Lourenço, 68 years old, said “today it was only 23 kilometres. In January 2020, in Lobito’s sandbank we did 34 kilometres. This is to show our youth that sport is good for health”.

Addressing an audience of professional and amateur cyclists, young people from various social areas and public officials, the MPLA leader stressed that he “wants young people with soul, who practice sports, whether cycling, football, handball, basketball, or other physical activity, to have a heart that beats strong, to endure the vicissitudes of life”.

Lourenço stated that “if young people are not healthy, we won’t have a healthy country either”.

About the race, on his Facebook page, João Lourenço wrote the message: “Healthy mind, in a healthy body, a motto that should always accompany us. This morning, hundreds of us pedalled in Luanda, combining physical culture and healthy socialization.

The race, which was joined by a large number of citizens, consisted of several laps, between the square of the Port of Luanda and the Dr. António Agostinho Neto boulervard.

MPLA’s programme for the 2022/2027 term includes the improvement of the youth development index, with youth access to health, training, professional and academic qualifications, to enable them to fully integrate into the labour market, in order to enjoy a long and healthy life, in acceptable conditions of freedom and dignity.

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