Governor guarantees continuity of development actions

Governor guarantees continuity of development actions
Governor guarantees continuity of development actions

Africa-Press – Angola. The governor of Lunda-Norte guaranteed that road infrastructure recovery actions will be extended to all municipalities, in order to, in addition to facilitating the movement of people and goods, involve the populations in the province’s development process.

Deolinda Vilarinho said that the provincial government, in close collaboration with the Executive, is working to boost economic and commercial activities, bearing in mind that travel is important to connect places and bring people together. Thus, during the consultation meeting with the residents of Xá-Muteba, which took place on Saturday, Governor Deolinda Vilarinho promised to do everything to meet the needs of the populations.

The inhabitants of this municipality in Lunda-Norte, expressed their satisfaction with the work of rehabilitation of secondary and tertiary roads and asked the authorities to reinforce actions in order to facilitate the flow of products from the countryside to the municipal headquarters. Speaking at the consultation meeting, led by the provincial governor, mayor Kitamba Kiaketa highlighted, to emphasize the importance of the works, the marked degradation of the roads that delays the growth and economic development of the municipality of Xá-Muteba. He mentioned that many agricultural products end up deteriorating practically in the cultivated fields, due to lack of flow conditions.

In addition to the reduction in the income levels of the products, the situation of the roads makes it difficult to promote rural commerce, warned Kitamba Kiaketa.

The traditional authority, during the act held on Friday, made it known that several localities in the communes of Cassanje Calucala and Iongo are isolated from the municipal seat of Xá-Muteba and other districts in Lunda-Norte, mainly in the city of Dundo. Kitamba Kiaketa also defended the need to reinforce technical assistance to farmers in the municipality, including support with seeds and other similar means. He asked the governor of Lunda-Norte to interact with the administrations of the diamond companies, in order to guarantee the creation of jobs for the youth.

Nurse Verónica Canganjo, stationed at the Mongua Kinguri medical post, ten kilometers from the municipal headquarters, said that she expects the new government to solve problems related to energy and drinking water.

Hired through the penultimate public tender of the Ministry of Health, Verónica Canguenjo explained that at her workplace there is difficulty in supplying electricity and drinking water, especially at night.

The health technician asked the authorities to implement a study for the construction of a reference hospital in the municipality of Xá-Muteba, with a view to improving the provision of health services.

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