Instituto da Criança’s helpline registers 394 new reports of abuse

Instituto da Criança's helpline registers 394 new reports of abuse
Instituto da Criança's helpline registers 394 new reports of abuse

Africa-Press – Angola. A total of 394 reports of violence against minors were made, from the 9th to the 15th of this month, across the country, by the “SOS – Criança” reporting service, terminal 15015, informed this Monday, in Luanda, the spokesperson for voice of the National Children’s Institute (INAC).

Rosalina Domingos told the press, in the presentation of the weekly data, that most cases are linked to physical and psychological violence, with 136 occurrences, evasion of paternity and custody dispute, with 68 cases, exploitation and child labor, with 12 , accusation of practicing witchcraft, with six, sexual abuse and abandonment of newborns, with four, each.

In addition to these, he added, there were nine cases of sexual abuse against minors, of which six in Benguela and three in Luanda. In terms of exploitation of child labor, he said, there were six notifications.

“The provinces with the highest number of registered cases are Benguela, Bié, Uíge, Cuanza-Sul, Huambo, Luanda and Namibe”, highlighted the director of INAC, an organization linked to the Ministry of Social Action, Family and Women Promotion (MASFAMU) .

Occurrences in the capital

In Luanda, in the municipality of Cazenga, there was a complaint of accusation of witchcraft practice, in which the victim, a minor under 13 years old, was expelled from the house by her mother. The case was referred to the Municipal Directorate of Social Action for proper treatment.

In the municipality of Luanda, a complaint was registered of children used by their parents for begging in the vicinity of 1º de Maio. After the complaint, an INAC team went to the scene to sensitize minors and warn parents about the consequences of such practices. “If they continue to expose children, they will lose their custody”.

Also in the municipality of Luanda, in the Cassequel neighbourhood, there was a record of the abandonment and attempted trafficking of a female child, whose mother abandoned her after birth, for alleged lack of financial conditions. “An alleged nurse took advantage of the moment to try to sell the child. The act was interrupted by the Criminal Investigation Services (SIC). The child was sent to one of the child care centers in the capital and the citizen was arrested”.

In the municipality of Viana, he added, INAC registered a complaint of physical aggression and accusation of practicing witchcraft, in which the victim, a child under 10 years old, suffered consequent mistreatment and was also expelled from the house by her mother. The case is under the responsibility of the Social Action Directorate.

The municipality of Kilamba-Kiaxi was marked by the complaint of a mother who tried to sell her daughter, who was approximately one year old. “As soon as INAC became aware of the situation, they called the SIC, which immediately arrested the citizen. The child was sent to one of the homes in Luanda”, she said.

Cross country

In the province of Bié, municipality of Andulo, he said, a complaint was received of negligence by a mother, who caused the death of a child aged 11 months, in a fire caused by her to burn the grass in the field. “The fire spread to the hut where the child was sleeping.”

Still in Bié, but in the municipality of Cuíto, a complaint was registered of the abandonment of a newborn on the public road, a female, by a 19-year-old girl who gave birth on the spot and for some reason decided to leave the baby in a vehicle. spoiled in the surroundings. “At the moment, the baby, found only the next day, is in one of the hospitals in the area receiving medical treatment.”

In the province of Benguela, municipality of Lobito, a complaint was received of the sexual abuse of two girls, aged 14 and 16, by a citizen of Portuguese nationality, who lured them with monetary values. The case was forwarded to the Provincial Directorate of INAC to verify the veracity of the complaint.

The other recorded case of sexual abuse occurred in Cuanza-Sul, in the municipality of Porto Amboim, where a 15-year-old minor was abused by her 52-year-old neighbour. The accused is currently in part uncertain, while the child is receiving medical care. The case was forwarded to the local Social Welfare Office.

The municipality of Ambuíla, in Uíge, also registered a complaint of sexual abuse of a ten-year-old child by a 66-year-old neighbor. The victim is receiving treatment. The alleged violator is in an uncertain part. The case is the domain of the Municipal Command and the INAC Directorate in the province.

For this week, Rosalina Domingos advises greater protection of children against violence and everyone’s responsibility. “We need to start reporting more acts of violence to the authorities,” she asked.

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