Job Capapinha appeals to vote for victory

Job Capapinha appeals to vote for victory
Job Capapinha appeals to vote for victory

Africa-Press – Angola. The first provincial secretary of the MPLA in Cuanza-Sul, Job Capapinha, appealed, in the city of Quibala, to the population to vote for his party, to guarantee a resounding victory, in order to allow the continuity of the execution of the structuring projects, aiming to satisfy the communities’ aspirations.

“To all militants, sympathizers and friends, we ask you to place your trust in the MPLA, so that we can continue the execution of structuring and social projects, which will guarantee the happiness and dignity of Angolans”, said Capapinha.

The leader made the appeal, on Saturday, during the mass act that brought together, in the city of Quibala, about 3,000 MPLA militants, friends and sympathizers, from the municipalities of Cuanza-Sul province. The act, as part of the pre-campaign, aimed to launch the party’s strategy for future political challenges.

He referred, by the way, that within the scope of the PIIM, 125 projects were approved for the province of Cuanza-Sul, of which 107 are at municipal level, an average of 10 for each of the 12 municipalities, whose completion of the works is scheduled for to the next year.

The first provincial secretary of the MPLA in Cuanza-Sul highlighted, in his speech, the achievements carried out by his party, during the 2017-2022 term, having mentioned that, despite the constraints of the financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. “The Executive managed to implement the main programs, showing that the MPLA is mature enough to continue governing Angola”, he stressed.

He added “to be visible that the people have no doubt of the great effects of the Executive led by comrade João Lourenço”. “Because, in a single five-year mandate, works from scratch were built, such as the construction of roads and infrastructure, and it was just not possible to do much more, because the international economic and financial situation, as well as the pandemic of Covid-19 “, they didn’t allow it”, pointed out the also governor of Cuanza-Sul.

Job Capapinha also said that the works, which are being carried out in all municipalities in the country, are changing people’s lives for the better, and in Cuanza-Sul this is very evident. “They constitute arguments of reason that justify the resounding victory of the MPLA and its candidate in the general elections”, he said.

Mentioning the ideals of his party, Job Capapinha said that, in 2017, the MPLA decided, with courage and a high self-critical spirit, to chart a new course for the country, having committed itself to “improving what is good, and correcting what is wrong”. For the MPLA politician, “this means abandoning attitudes and behaviors that are harmful to the happiness of the majority of Angolans”, stressing that in any change, there is not always unanimity in understanding and

execution of strategies. Given these circumstances, he praised “Agostinho Neto”, the first President of Angola, to maintain that “the most important thing is to solve the people’s problems”.

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