Libya tops list of African oil producing countries

Libya tops list of African oil producing countries
Libya tops list of African oil producing countries

Africa-Press – Angola. Libya tops the list of African oil-producing countries last month, with 1,163,000 million barrels per day, registering an increase of 6,000 barrels in its daily production, according to a monthly report by the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries Petroleum (OPEC).

According to this report published last weekend by the Libyan National Petroleum Company (NOC) on its website, Libya ranked first on the list of the Organization of Producing Countries at African level with 1,163,000 barrels per day, followed by Angola with 1,067,000, Algeria with 1,060,000, and Nigeria with 1,024,000.

The NOC Board of Directors expressed its thanks and gratitude to all workers in the oil sector in the country and saluted their efforts to maintain oil and gas production rates, according to the same source.

OPEC oil production decreased by 210,000 barrels per day in October 2022, to register a reduction, for the first time in five months, of supplies from Saudi Arabia and Angola, according to the alliance (OPEC).

According to the same report, the total production of crude oil in the 13 Member States of OPEC decreased last October by 29,494,000 barrels per day against 29,704,000 in September of the same year.

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