LIMA adopts door-to-door mobilization

LIMA adopts door-to-door mobilization
LIMA adopts door-to-door mobilization

Africa-Press – Angola. The Angolan Women’s League (LIMA, a women’s organization of UNITA) carried out, on Sunday, in the municipality of Maquela do Zombo, 310 kilometers from the city of Uíge, a door-to-door campaign to mobilize voters.

According to the organizers of the initiative, this made it possible to convey information on the importance of voting and the need for voters to believe in the UNITA program proposal, if the election on 24 August wins.

The campaign, framed within the scope of the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of LIMA marked on the 18th of this month, aimed at winning the vote for UNITA, raising voters’ awareness of the importance of exercising the right of citizenship and the advantages, as well as convince the electorate to trust the governance proposal of the largest opposition party.

The mobilization ended with a mass act, which brought together UNITA militants, sympathizers and friends, in the camp adjacent to the Catholic Mission, in the Valódia neighborhood, on the outskirts of the village of Maquela do Zombo.

The president of LIMA in Uíge, Delfina Vilankano, who coordinated the campaign accompanied by the secretary of UNITA in the province of Uíge, Félix Simão Lucas, encouraged women to continue to make the greatest contribution to the party’s victory.

“We are the center of human sensibility and we have the mission of mobilizing, organizing, framing and promoting women for the great objectives defined by our party, above all, the materialization of victory in the elections. For women zungueiras, greengrocers and others, continue to fight in search of bread to support the family and put their hope and trust in UNITA, because in it they will find better conditions for the development of the desired businesses”, he told voters in Portuguese, Kikongo and Lingala.

The provincial secretary of UNITA in Uíge, Félix Simão Lucas, who led the mass act, called for the involvement of all militants, sympathizers and friends of the party in mobilizing the voting population to create alternation in the country and allow victory.

“We are going to create a participatory, inclusive government with free education at all levels, but for the success of this desideratum I invite everyone to go to the polls with unity, tolerance, respect, faith and trust in the UNITA program”, he said.

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