LUNDA-SUL: Business opportunity attracts Zambian entrepreneurs

LUNDA-SUL: Business opportunity attracts Zambian entrepreneurs
LUNDA-SUL: Business opportunity attracts Zambian entrepreneurs

Africa-Press – Angola. Zambian businessmen expressed their interest in making investments in the fields of industry, agriculture, mining and catering in Saurimo, Lunda-Sul province.

The intention was expressed at the end of guided visits to Instituto Técnico Agrário (ITA), in Mona Quimbundo; Geological Survey of Angola (IGA); to the Diamond Development Pole: the JOASS, JR, DT agricultural farms and the Whenha “Resort”, all in Saurimo.

The entrepreneurs highlighted, on the occasion, the levels of organization and production observed during the field journey.

The deputy consul of the country accredited to Angola, Sydney Zulu, who was part of the delegation to facilitate preliminary contacts with the local government, noted that Zambia’s partnership with Angola predates the proclamation of National Independence with the sister country, with the which maintains healthy cooperation ties over the years.

He added that the bilateral interest of the two governments to facilitate the administrative processing of the assumptions related to the assignment of spaces and the formalization of partnerships with investors in the province, aims to bring mutually advantageous benefits.

The executive director of the Zambian company “Auxiliary Management Services”, Esther Kapisa, who coordinated the team, highlighted a series of strengths found in the province with “good indicators of development in agriculture and catering.

She said she was “impressed by the scale of investments in the construction of two projects, after hearing comments about the low quality of development in the eastern region of Angola”.

Based on the reality found on the farms of two entrepreneurs, the executive director guides the interest in exchanging experiences in the field of the manufacturing industry. She promised to return soon, to initially put the ideas into practice, mainly in the charcuterie business.

Esther Kapisa received information from the local authorities about the underutilization of mango and without promise admitted “a possible investment in equipment to transform the fruit into a drink” and other derivatives.

The director of the Economic Development Office of Lunda-Sul, Kelson Malomalo, who headed the Angolan Government delegation, highlighted the importance of the province in attracting foreign investment, to increase the offer of employment to young people, which is why he expressed full availability of the authorities to facilitate the initiatives that may result from this verification visit.

The Zambian delegation of 17 businessmen visited Lunda-Sul last weekend, having seen the potential of Saurimo, the capital of the province, and its surroundings.

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