MPLA mourns the death of Artur da Silva Júlio

MPLA mourns the death of Artur da Silva Júlio
MPLA mourns the death of Artur da Silva Júlio

Africa-Press – Angola. The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the MPLA expressed, this Monday (2), a deep feeling of sorrow for the death of Artur da Silva Júlio, which took place on Sunday, due to illness, in South Africa.

In a note that reached our editorial office, the Political Bureau of the MPLA Central Committee emphasizes that it was with a deep feeling of regret that it learned of the death of Artur da Silva Júlio, aged 71.

“The Political Bureau considers that the death of comrade Artur da Silva Júlio constitutes the loss of an eminent political personality, of an Angolan intellectual committed to his homeland and, through misfortune, bows to the memory of the deceased, addressing the bereaved family heartfelt condolences”, reads the message.

The MPLA highlights, in the note, that the ill-fated man, a native of Huíla, was a committed first-line militant, with a remarkable record of fulfilling tasks at the party and country level, “for causes for which he selfless and immaculate patriotic sense”.

Artur da Silva Júlio was a member of the Central Committee of the MPLA, having distinguished himself in the exercise of several functions, with emphasis on those of deputy minister of Education, director-general of the Higher Institute of Education of Lubango of the Agostinho Neto University, deputy coordinator of the National Literacy Campaign and director of the Center for Documentation and Historical Research of the MPLA Central Committee.

He was the coordinator and co-editor of the Drafting Project for the History of Liberation of Southern Africa – The case of Angola, and coordinator of the Technical Group that prepared the I and II volumes of the History of the MPLA, a work that, “more than serving the party’s intentions”, reflects an “undeniable and profound” contribution to the knowledge of the History of Angola, in the most diverse stages.

The professional career of Artur da Silva Júlio, considered to have a deep knowledge of the History of Angola and the world, was also marked by the exercise of university teaching, having been responsible for the training of several generations of staff that ensure the functioning of several Angolan and not only, “legacy that will forever be remembered with deep gratification”.

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