Mungo Relaunches Arabica Coffee Production

Mungo Relaunches Arabica Coffee Production
Mungo Relaunches Arabica Coffee Production

Africa-Press – Angola. Peasants in the municipality of Mungo, Huambo province, are, this year, committed to relaunching Arabica coffee production, through technical assistance and training for producers, the municipal director of Agriculture reported on Wednesday.

Arlindo Soares told that the municipality has more than 23 thousand peasant families involved in the cultivation of Arabica coffee, and that they are committed to increasing their production areas, with a view to boosting the promotion of the red berry and the diversification of economy at the regional level.

Coffee production at the municipal level, according to the municipal director of Agriculture, has taken significant steps, given that, last year, more than 200 thousand seedlings were distributed to peasant families as part of the revitalization of Arabica coffee, he stressed.

Distribution of seedlings

According to the person responsible, this year, more than 150 thousand Arabica coffee seedlings were distributed to small producers and peasant families in the communities.

The project to massify coffee cultivation in the municipality of Mungo began in 2009, has had satisfactory results and in this month of June the harvest phase approaches and then evaluate the success of the campaign, without estimating the quantity to be collected.

The agronomist also said that coffee plantation is very profitable for the farmer, because for the first time, from 500 plants he can harvest up to 80 kilograms, in the second harvest, he will harvest 300 kilograms and with the prospect of harvesting close to 7 thousand kilos as the plants reach adulthood, he said.

To this end, the person responsible stated that his institution has not stood idly by when it comes to promoting coffee production, as it is a measure that lifts peasant families out of poverty.

At the moment, he added, the sector is developing a project for the multiplication of seeds, so that the distribution capacity of seedlings can be increased.

The director also explained that the region has favorable land and climate to continue producing coffee and for this reason, he urged local youth to continue investing in the production of coffee and other crops.

He highlighted that the Agriculture sector in Mungo has several buildings known as plant reproduction nurseries, with the capacity to produce 260 seedlings annually, distributed to peasant families and agronomist entrepreneurs, who are dedicated to planting Arabica coffee.

Coffee production, admitted Arlindo Soares, is showing encouraging results and according to him, a kilogram is being sold at a value of 500 kwanzas.

“Coffee has a large market, because it is not necessary for families to go to any informal market to sell the product, because coffee traders and consumers themselves go to meet the families and then carry out the business right at home. of producers.

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