Ombudsman defends anti-discrimination strategies

Ombudsman defends anti-discrimination strategies
Ombudsman defends anti-discrimination strategies

Africa-Press – Angola. The Angolan Ombudsman, Florbela Araújo, defended yesterday the creation of strategies to eliminate harmful, discriminatory cultural practices and stereotypes against Angolan women, according to a note from the Ombudsman.

Florbela Araújo made this statement when talking about the “Role of the Ombudsman in the protection and defense of women against all forms of discrimination”, during a webinar with counterparts from Brazil and Mozambique.

Florbela Rocha Araújo, who is the president of the Network of Ombudsmen of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), pointed out as strategies to combat the phenomenon – in a combined effort of all – the development of women, the production of statistical information of gender, its analysis and the encouragement of women to increase their levels of knowledge.

Discrimination against women led, yesterday, the Ombudsman to meet, by videoconference, with her counterparts in Brazil and Mozambique.

Florbela Araújo chaired a webinar on “Creating mechanisms to combat all forms of discrimination against women”. At the meeting, the Ombudsman highlighted the fact that women represent the majority segment of societies and the country gives positive signs of parity of gender.

The Mozambican Ombudsman revealed that there is no formal record of any complaint about discrimination against women in his country, but admitted the existence of high rates of rape against women.

Isaque Chande, who was lecturing on the topic “Complaints about discrimination against women”, revealed that his country reached, in the current year, gender parity at the level of the ministerial departments of the Government.

However, for Brazil the reality of discrimination against women is very visible. The Federal Deputy Attorney for Citizens’ Rights assured that, to combat this practice, his country has created a specialized police station to assist women.

Paulo de Vilhena also revealed that the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office has created a working group that fights against violence against children, the elderly and women, as well as against discrimination against black women, a recurrent phenomenon in that Portuguese-speaking country.

The Federal Deputy Attorney for Citizens’ Rights in Brazil spoke about “Causes and necessary measures to prevent discrimination against women”.

Bet On Education

At the end of the meeting, the ombudsmen of the CPLP Network underlined the need to invest in women’s education and their access to knowledge.

They considered that guaranteeing women’s rights means guaranteeing justice to more than half of the world’s population.

Data from 2020 from the United Nations estimate that 90 percent of the world’s population is prejudiced against women.

Yesterday’s webinar aimed to share experiences, principles and values ​​among the CPLP Network’s Ombudsmen to better contribute to the dignity of the human person.

In addition to the ombudsmen from Angola, Brazil and Mozambique, senior technicians from the Angolan Ombudsman’s Office also participated.

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