PHA leader guarantees fight against unemployment

PHA leader guarantees fight against unemployment
PHA leader guarantees fight against unemployment

Africa-Press – Angola. The leader of the Humanist Party of Angola (PHA) and candidate for President of the Republic by that party assured, on Friday (12), in the city of Malanje, that she will fight unemployment, if called upon to form a government.

Florbela Malaquias, who was speaking during a political rally held at Xawande’s parallel market, one of the largest in Malanje province, also said that her governance program includes the construction of more educational institutions, hospitals and more water for everyone.

Florbela Malaquias promised to legalize the association of women zungueiras and make taxi service a profession. She also guaranteed to make an adjustment in salaries, to guarantee a dignified life for citizens.

Assistance and social security to all unemployed Angolans, the payment of decent wages for all workers in private security companies, as well as the provision of better care to adolescent women in the state of motherhood, is also on the list of priorities.

“We are going to change the lives of Angolans, with the creation of minimum conditions, in order to guarantee the well-being of the population, as well as humanize Angola”, he said. For the PHA leader, Angola has many natural resources to provide decent conditions for the Angolan people.

The party leader appealed to PHA militants and sympathizers, as well as the general population, to vote for number 1 on the ballot.

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