PN in Namibe wants staff committed to the mission

PN in Namibe wants staff committed to the mission
PN in Namibe wants staff committed to the mission

Africa-Press – Angola. The provincial commander of the National Police in Namibe, commissioner Timóteo Hilário, appealed to the officers on Wednesday to carry out their duties scrupulously, aiming for greater security in the region.

Speaking at the event commemorating the corporation’s 48th anniversary, marked Wednesday (28 February), the official highlighted the need to maintain order and public tranquility in the province, having made reference to periods such as the Festas do Mar, International Women’s Day (8 March), as well as the 2024 Census, scheduled for next July.

“The population’s feeling of security is relatively high, judging by the crime averages recorded in the province and its population ratio”, he highlighted.

He recalled that the Provincial Command of the National Police recorded, in 2023, 1,238 crimes of a different nature, 162 more compared to the year 2022.

Of these crimes, 1,415 (+106) were solved, resulting in the arrest of 1,854 (+340) citizens, accused of involvement in committing them.

In relation to road accidents, the data indicates the record of 400 (+38) road accidents, which caused 60 (- 03) deaths, 515 (+102) injuries and material damage valued at 68,954,010 kwanzas.

Under the motto “National Police of Angola, 48 years of guaranteeing public security”, members of the local Government, high-ranking members of the National Police and the Armed Forces, among other guests, attended the event.

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