Political parties must strengthen peace

Political parties must strengthen peace
Political parties must strengthen peace

Africa-Press – Angola. Political parties competing in the August 24 elections must reinforce messages in public communications that safeguard and reinforce peace, concord and progress for a prosperous country, good to live in and increasingly attractive in the business world.

The president of the Traditional Authorities of Huíla, Daniel de Sousa, who made these statements to Jornal de Angola, appealed to the eight political parties competing in the elections to strengthen the awareness and mobilization of their militants to refrain from acts that encourage violence and destruction of public goods. “Ethics, order and sociability must be privileged in the phases of electoral campaigns, voting and dissemination of results”, he defended.

Daniel de Sousa mainly advised young people participating for the first time in the 2022 elections to accompany the parties where they militate with “very seriousness, maturity and to respect public goods as well as the flags of other formations placed on the public road”.

In the view of traditional authorities, what has happened in certain demonstrations is dangerous, where young people damage public goods, especially the seats in the gardens, write on the walls and threaten activists from other political formations, especially those who are dressed in propaganda. .

According to him, citizens involved in political activities must “see the entire electoral movement as a “clear manifestation of the party of democracy and show the world that the country is strengthening coexistence in the difference in the colors of the flags in favor of an increasingly more prosperous”.

The president of the Traditional Authorities of Huíla also disapproved of most of the information, pamphlets, photographs and other dangerous images that have been circulating on social networks whose messages encourage violence where most of their authors are abroad.

He underlined that the current party of democracy that the country is experiencing cannot be misrepresented by certain individuals who, at the moment of truth, preferred to leave the country on the pretext of better living conditions. “The children to consider are those who have been around in good times and bad.”

For Daniel de Sousa, it is being a bad example and not very productive to listen and observe speeches with a threatening, critical and disapproval of everything that has been done and if it is planned to be carried out in favor of the well-being of Angolans as well as the development of the country that must count with all the children.

“Election campaigns have nothing to do with encouraging violence, burning or destroying the propaganda of another competing party, climbing poles to remove the flag or destroying parked vehicles just because they belong to another political formation”, he said.

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