Pombolo calls for the vote for the continuity of social impact projects

Pombolo calls for the vote for the continuity of social impact projects
Pombolo calls for the vote for the continuity of social impact projects

Africa-Press – Angola. The social impact projects announced by the MPLA president, João Lourenço, when he traveled last June to the city of Mbanza Kongo, in Zaire province, will be implemented, after the victory on the 24th of this month, he promised yesterday, in the village of Kuimba, Paulo Pombolo.

The MPLA secretary general who worked in Zaire province for two days, where he presided over the mass political act, in the 10 de Dezembro neighborhood, in the village of Kuimba, reiterated the appeal for the vote to be guaranteed to that political force. He said that this will ensure, over the next five years, the completion of the projects for the Mbanza Kongo International Airport, the fertilizer factory in Soyo, the two hubs for 1,500 apartments each.

“When we talk about fertilizers, some comrades don’t understand and don’t understand the importance of fertilizers in the development of agriculture. Building a fertilizer factory in a province like Zaire, which is agricultural by nature, we will be able to intensify the agricultural sector in this region and, We will also contribute to the other provinces of the country”, he advanced.

The MPLA, according to Paulo Pombolo, proposes, over the next five years, for the municipality of Kuimba, the rehabilitation of the Kuimba-Mbanza Kongo road, as well as the completion of the Nzeto-Soyo section, but for this he appealed to all voters to vote for the party. and in João Lourenço.

“The entire electorate in the province of Zaire should vote for the number 8, as it is the number of peace, development, political stability in Angola, national consolidation and the continuity of the country’s economic and social transformations”, appealed Paulo Pombolo.

The secretary general of the MPLA, in a brief justification of the previous term, said that, despite the emergence of Covid-19 that conditioned two of the five years of President João Lourenço, the Executive showed work, pointing to the Integrated Plan for Intervention in Municipalities as an example. (PIIM).

“Because of Covid-19, we lost two of the five years fighting the disease that was taking human lives. But the other three years of work that the MPLA, through its Executive led by President João Lourenço, showed work. talking only about the PIIM that allowed the erection of numerous infrastructures”, he stressed.

The PIIM, for three years, as it advanced, in addition to the other two in which the Executive limited itself to fighting Covid-19, made it possible to build a considerable number of social infrastructures, namely schools, health posts and centers, hospitals, supply of drinking water, energy and many other initiatives in the field of diversification of the economy, the fight against corruption and impunity.

For the next five years, as guaranteed, President João Lourenço, when traveling to Zaire, also announced the completion of the General Hospital of Mbanza Kongo and the construction of the Higher Polytechnic

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