PRS aims to pay more attention to families

PRS aims to pay more attention to families
PRS aims to pay more attention to families

Africa-Press – Angola. The secretary general of the Social Renewal Party (PRS), Rui Malopa Miguel, said this Wednesday, in Caxito, in Bengo, that in case of victory in the next elections, the party organization will pay greater attention to the problems that affect the Angolan families.

During the presentation of the PRS Governance Plan for the five-year period 2022/2027, he said that the party will give priority to families, as this is where the country’s future leaders are born and grow up. According to the official, the activity carried out in Caxito was marked by the good participation and interaction with PRS militants, friends and sympathizers. “This reassures and comforts us, because it shows that the population has been following and experiencing difficult situations”, he stressed.

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