Sporting president asks for price subsidy

Sporting president asks for price subsidy
Sporting president asks for price subsidy

Africa-Press – Angola. The president of Sporting de Cabinda, Bartolomeu Manuel, requested, this Monday, the subsidy of travel costs on Catamarans on the Cabinda/Soyo route and others, to facilitate the travel of sports caravans in official competitions.

Speaking to the Press, the official said that this would be the measure and the most consensual way for clubs in the province to feel reduced onerous expenses, which they spend just to complete a journey, in relation to other clubs.

The price of a TAAG ticket from Cabinda to Luanda is approximately 14,000 kwanzas, while by sea via catamaran-type vessel, on the Cabinda/Soyo route, the cost is around 15,000.

“The Government must subsidize this amount, (by sea), if so, Sporting’s management can adhere to these means of maritime transport, which are very important by the way”, he said.

For the manager, the measure would help to reduce the expenses that clubs currently have with caravans traveling to other provinces through the TAAG company.

In a trip from Cabinda to Luanda, by air, Bartolomeu Manuel said that the club spends more than two million kwanzas and if it is to stay more days, the disbursement reaches around 10 million.

The president asked the authorities of law to find mechanisms to resolve the issue (subsidizing costs) in the travel of football teams and beyond.

Bartolomeu Manuel pointed out that during the sporting season, which was about to end, the club worked with a budget of more than 300 million kwanzas, an amount that he says, met the expenses with the payment of game bonuses and late salaries of the players.

In the First Division National Football Championship (Girabola2021/22), the Sporting de Cabinda team is in 12th place, with 32 points.

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