Vila Nova praises the wisdom of Angolans in achieving peace

Vila Nova praises the wisdom of Angolans in achieving peace
Vila Nova praises the wisdom of Angolans in achieving peace

Africa-Press – Angola. The President of the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe praised, this Monday, in Luanda, the wisdom and maturity of the Angolans in the conquest of definitive peace in 2002, stressing that the feat testifies to the capacity to harmonize disagreed positions.

Speaking at the solemn plenary meeting convened on the occasion of the three-day State visit to the country, Carlos Manuel Vila Nova considered the 4th of April, dedicated to Peace and National Reconciliation (4th of April 2002) as the most decisive conquest of the people post-independence Angolan

“It was a very inspiring milestone and teaching for Africa and the world”, said the Sao Tome Head of State, who highlighted the “excellent historical ties of friendship and brotherhood” between the two peoples, since the beginning of the struggle for Independence.

Among the various testimonies of fraternity demonstrated by Angola, Carlos Vila Nova highlighted the contribution in the formation of the Defense and Security forces of São Tomé in 1980, when they were still in an embryonic state.

During the intervention, the statesman also spoke of the effects of the armed conflict in Eastern Europe, the economic consequences caused by the Covid-19 pandemic on the world economy and the challenges of the African continent, especially in the areas of Health, Education and basic sanitation.

In this regard, he defended the pacification of Africa and dialogue as the main instrument for the resolution of armed conflicts. He underlined that Africa, due to the wealth of soils and subsoils, marine resources, youth, vibrant culture, material and immaterial heritage, must become a “true” world development front.

The Sao Tome Head of State said that the creation of the Free Trade Area is a door of hope and an opportunity for the continent to be the craftsman and artisan of its own daily life and future.

“Africa needs to rewrite history, recover its true place and regain the dignity compatible with its size and potential”, stated Vila Nova, stressing that the continent has a “significant” young population, capable of responding to the challenges in the sectors of Entrepreneurship, Digital Technology and Environmental Protection.

For the Sao Tome Head of State, the African Union has the historic mission of taking the continent to levels of development that provide a “dignified existence” for its children.

“The African Union cannot fail to fulfill its objectives”, warned Carlos Vila Nova, recalling that each of the States must be held accountable in fulfilling its duties.

Headquarters Of The CPLP Parliamentary Assembly

The president of the National Assembly announced, yesterday, the opening, in Luanda, of the installation of the headquarters of the Permanent Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP).

In the speech of welcome to the Parliament of the São Toméan President, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos indicated that the Permanent Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of the CPLP will work in the premises of the Palace of the National Assembly, where all the conditions are already in place.

He underlined the desire of the National Assembly (AN) to boost, at the bilateral level, the Cooperation Agreement with the Sao Tome counterpart, signed for the first time in 2004, for the consolidation of cultural ties, friendship, fraternity and parliamentary cooperation.

The AN intends, at the bilateral level, to strengthen relations with the Sao Tome counterpart in terms of technical assistance, exchange of experience between parliamentarians and the administrations that assist parliamentary activity, said Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos, adding that at the multilateral level, prioritization of positions, consultations and exchanges of information within the framework of the participation of the two Parliaments in international forums.

Parliamentary Delegations Assess Cooperation

Yesterday morning, before Carlos Vila Nova went to Parliament, parliamentary delegations from both countries met to exchange experiences in the bilateral and multilateral domains and to outline cooperation strategies.

The vice-president of the National Assembly, Emília Carlota Dias, said that during the meeting there was a “deep approach” on the day-to-day in the two parliaments, contact with the electorate and issues related to parliamentary administration.

He highlighted that the two countries maintain “deep historical relations”, which also include parliamentary cooperation, which dates back to 2004. The Sao Tome side was headed by the first vice-president of the National Assembly, Guilherme Octaviano Viega dos Ramos, for whom “it was very easy” the understanding between the parties, due to the “excellent umbilical ties” of friendship that unite both peoples.

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