Young people from Sanza Pombo and Negage receive work tools

Young people from Sanza Pombo and Negage receive work tools
Young people from Sanza Pombo and Negage receive work tools

Africa-Press – Angola. A group of 50 young people (25 from Sanza Pombo and the same number from Negage) benefited, this Monday, from work kits for the creation of small service provision companies, within the scope of the Executive’s program to promote self-employment.

The professional kits were delivered by the secretary of the Cabinet for Citizenship and Civil Society of the MPLA Central Committee.

Fátima Viegas said, on the occasion, that the delivery of work kits, agricultural inputs, motorcycles, food baskets and other equipment is part of the solidarity projects of the MPLA leadership, which aim to empower entrepreneurs, mainly young people and women, so that they can create small service companies, increase agricultural production and facilitate the transport of people and goods.

He underlined that the gesture is essentially aimed at young people of working age, but without employment opportunities, so that they develop activities that generate work and income.

“Young people will be guided to manage their businesses well and contribute to the well-being of the communities. We also look at peasant women, to whom we deliver three-wheeled motorcycles to transport the production, and vulnerable families, to whom we distribute basic food baskets, to minimize food shortages”, said Fátima Viegas.

The provincial governor of Uíge, José Carvalho da Rocha, highlighted the solidarity gesture of the MPLA, adding that it will allow the creation of jobs, increase agricultural productivity and leverage other liberal professions, such as cutting and sewing, hairdressing, metalwork, carpentry, quarrying. /masonry, mototaxi activity and agriculture.

“It is necessary that all beneficiaries give the real destination to the equipment and machines they received, taking good care of them and making them profitable, creating jobs and lifting many families out of poverty”, he said.

In addition to the 50 professional kits delivered to young people from Sanza Pombo and Negage, Fátima Viegas also delivered two- and three-wheeled motorcycles for the creation of associations of motorcycle taxi drivers, agricultural inputs, foodstuffs, fertilizers and bicycles for traditional authorities.

Improvements In Sight

Alberto Kiala, 32 years old, one of the beneficiaries, who attended the masonry course at one of the centers of the National Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (INEFOP), said he was prepared to provide quality service to his clients.

“I have been given four haircut machines, so I am going to modernize my salon and hire three more young people,” said Antunes Albino, 26, who has a beauty salon in the municipal market of Sanza Pombo, where, until then, he used to cut hair with a “comb and razor”.

Madalena Fonseca, representative of Cooperativa Agrícola Kutokota, in the Tema village, in the municipality of Negage, on behalf of the approximately 100 members, received a motor hoe, to clear the land, a motor pump, to irrigate the fields, seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural inputs and inputs.

“We are going to increase production, because now we have more adequate equipment and seeds. We are going to make an effort to promote the well-being of the associates”, he concluded.

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