BMI 2022: Estimated more than 24 thousand unemployed in Cape Verde

BMI 2022: Estimated more than 24 thousand unemployed in Cape Verde
BMI 2022: Estimated more than 24 thousand unemployed in Cape Verde

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Cape Verde has an active population (age equal to or greater than 15 years, capable of carrying out an economic activity) of precisely 352,494 people. In total, the unemployed population is estimated at 24,420 unemployed and the unemployment rate at 12.1%. The data were advanced today by the National Institute of Statistics and are contained in the Labor Market Statistics report IMC-2022. They also show that Sal and Boa Vista dominate in activity rates and employment rates.

According to the results of the BMI – 2022, the active population, aged 15 or over, of age to carry out an economic activity, and which represents the country’s workforce, was estimated at 352,494 individuals, representing 71.8% of the total population .

INE data also show that the economically active population is 202,435 individuals, with the number of active women being lower than that of men, corresponding to 94,479 and 107,956, respectively.

The report shows that 86.5% of the active population is between 25-64 years old, with 51.8% being between 35-64 years old.

According to BMI 2022, the activity rate was set at 57.4%, and an activity rate of 65.5% among men and 50.4% among women is estimated.

Boa Vista and Sal with the highest activity rate

Breaking down the data by municipality, it appears that Boa Vista and Sal continue to have the highest activity rates, above the national average of 70.6% and 66.7%, respectively.

The municipalities of Mosteiros (32.7%), São Miguel (34.4%) and Ribeira Brava (34.8%) are in the opposite direction, that is, they are the municipalities with the lowest activity rates, below 35%. .

Employed population and employment rate

The employed/occupied population totaled, according to INE, 178,016 individuals, which represents an employment/occupation rate of 50.5%.

Analyzed by sex, the employed male population (141,669 men) represents 54.4% and the female population (81,210 women) 45.6% of the employees.

The employment rate remains more expressive in the male population, with 58.7%, against 43.3% registered in the

female population.

The age groups between 25-34 years old and 35-64 years old show the highest employment/occupation rates, with 64.9% and 64.8%, respectively. Among young people aged 15-24, the employment/occupation rate was 25.6%.

By municipality, the data reveal that Sal and Boa Vista continue to be the islands with the highest employment/occupancy rates, 65.1% and 64.6%, respectively, followed by Praia (55.3%) and São Vicente ( 55.1%), with values ​​above 55%.

Tertiary sector absorbs more national labor

The structure of jobs by sector of activity is maintained, that is, the tertiary sector continues to be the one that most absorbs the national workforce, with 122,346 jobs generated and a relative weight of 66.9%.

Then there is the secondary sector, which records a total of 37,642 jobs and represents 23.0% of total jobs. The primary sector has a total of 25,617 jobs and a relative weight of 10.1%.

In general, economic activity is dominated by the “trade, repair of cars and motorcycles” branch. About 16.5% of employees aged 15 years or older work in this field of activity.

Then comes construction (12.2%) and public administration (10.6%). The accommodation and catering branch employs 8.2% of employees.

Private sector, largest employer

The private business sector continues to be the largest employer in Cape Verde, absorbing 42.8% of employees aged 15 or over, followed by self-employed with 23.6% and Public Administration, which absorbs 18.9%.

The BMI 2022 found that 95,708 employees work informally, representing a relative weight of 53.8%.

Most of these are employees (47.5%) or self-employed (38.2%). By sex, it appears that 57.9% of men and 42.1% of women work in informal jobs.

Higher underemployment rate in rural areas

Still according to BMI -2022, the underemployed population is estimated at 22,449 and the underemployed rate at 12.6%.

It should be noted that, by way of residence, rural areas have the highest underemployment rate, 18.6%, against 11.1% in urban areas. Among women, the rate of underemployment is also higher, that is, 14.6%, while among men, it is 11.7%.

Unemployed population and unemployment rate

In 2022, the unemployed population was estimated at 24,420 unemployed and the unemployment rate at 12.1%.

From the analysis by gender, there is an unemployment rate of 10.3% among men and 14.0% among women.

It should be noted that the unemployment rate for young people aged 15-24 was 27.3%, while for the 25-34 age group it is estimated at 13.8%.

Inactive population and inactivity rate

The inactive, which refer to the population without a job, who did not look for work or who are not available for the labor market, accounted for 150,059 people, representing an inactivity rate of 42.6%


The vast majority of inactive people, according to INE data, are young people aged 15-24 (34.9%), and the main reason for inactivity is that they are students. Elderly people aged 65 or over account for 20.1%.

Young people without a job and outside the education or training system

The BMI 2022 also estimates that there are 51,654 young people aged 15-35 without a job and outside the education or training system, representing 29.2% of all young people in this age group.

Regarding the age group between 15-24 years old, the proportion of young people without a job and outside the education or training system is 27.8%, equivalent to 22,464 young people.

From the gender analysis, it is noted that this indicator has a higher incidence among women: 32.5% of young women between 15-35 years old and 28.9% of women between 15-24 years old.

Among men, it can be seen that 25.8% of young people between 15-35 years old and 26.6%, between 15-24 years old, were unemployed and outside the education or training system.

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