Boxing: Cape Verde Championship set for early September

Boxing: Cape Verde Championship set for early September
Boxing: Cape Verde Championship set for early September

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The Cape Verde boxing championship, edition 2022, will be played from September 2nd to 4th at the Vává Duarte sports hall, in yet another organization of the Cape Verdean Boxing Federation (FCB).

The president of the FCB, Manuel Monteiro, told Inforpress that the competition will feature boxers from the sporting regions of São Vicente, Fogo, Santiago Norte and Santiago Sul, where the associations held their regional championships.

The national team, as he assured, will, however, count on the contest of invited boxers representing Fogo and Sal, regions that have not held their regional championships, but that the federation understood as an opportunity to supervise the boxers, aiming at the upcoming commitments of the national team.

Male and female

The championship will be played in practically all genders, male and female, and in different categories, that is, from 48 to 92 kilograms, with the particularity of the latter having a single boxer at this weight, the Olympic athlete Davilson Morais, who will be left out of the competition, for lack of athletes to compete.

Manuel Monteiro recognizes that this is a penalizing situation for the athlete Davilson Morais, who will have to stay without competing for lack of an opponent.

“It is sad for an athlete with ability and potential to be deprived, due to the lack of athletes to train, let alone to compete,” he said.

An almost identical situation also deserves the federative leader’s concern, since the national champion Sifonelo Borges, another of Cape Verdean boxing’s top athletes, has been facing a lack of athletes to compete in the Santiago Sul regional, so he automatically qualifies for the national competition, in which an opponent from São Vicente is waiting.


“We bet on all competitions, but we face a lack of athletes at higher weights. We have been investing, just look in the categories from 55 kilograms, there are many athletes, but from the 80 kilograms above we have difficulties in finding boxers with adequate structures”, said Monteiro, for whom it is a question “of difficult solution”.

Regarding the female class, the FCB board is counting on the participation of four athletes from the sports region of Santiago Sul and as many from São Vicente.

The Cape Verde boxing championship should be used for refereeing training, which is expected to be sponsored by the International Boxing Federation, as the championship will also be used to compose the Cape Verde team for the next international commitments.

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