Cape Verde highlighted on the Lisbon Tourism Exchange

Cape Verde highlighted on the Lisbon Tourism Exchange
Cape Verde highlighted on the Lisbon Tourism Exchange

Africa-Press – Cape verde. Arquipélago is the international guest destination of the event that starts this Wednesday and runs until March 3rd. Coimbra and Azores are other destinations highlighted in this year’s edition. When announcing the choice of Cape Verde, BTL stated that the country’s participation in this event reinforces the ties between Portugal and Cape Verde, “providing visitors with an in-depth view of the tourist resources that the destination has to offer”.

Cape Verde is the international destination highlighted in the 2024 edition of the Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL), which will take place from February 28th to March 3rd at FIL – Parque das Nações. In a statement, the government assumed that the invitation “is particularly opportune at a time when there is a significant increase in demand for Cape Verde as a tourist destination by the Portuguese” – recent data from INE show that Portugal is the second largest source of tourism tourists to the archipelago, representing 12.2% of arrivals and 12.3% of overnight stays in the second quarter of 2023.

“The presence at BTL appears as an excellent opportunity for Cape Verde to assert itself as a differentiated tourist destination, celebrating its people, landscapes, culture and historical heritage, in line with the Tourism Operational Plan 2022/2026. This plan aims to diversify markets, enhance the tourism product and promote environmental sustainability”, reads the same document.

This Tuesday, in Lisbon, at a press conference, the Minister of Tourism and Transport reiterated the Government’s commitment to promoting the Cape Verde tourist destination.

“We are excited to start this journey at BTL, highlighting the charm of Cape Verde”, said Carlos Santos, quoted by Inforpress. “We want to present not only the stunning beaches of Boa Vista and Sal, but also our rich culture, ecotourism, water sports and much more”, continued the official.

In addition to meetings with Portuguese tour operators, Cape Verde seeks to strengthen relationships with international partners interested in collaborating and investing in the country’s tourism development.

“And this opportunity that we will have at the Lisbon Tourism Exchange is precisely for us to present this destination. These are islands very close to the European continent, but also to say that this is the year in which we will be able to reach the threshold of one million tourists and, therefore, it is with a greater responsibility that we are here”, said Carlos Santos.

“BTL is a crucial opportunity for us to present our new tourism, focused on sustainability and diversification of the offer (…). We are committed to building a resilient destination for current and future generations”, he reinforced.

BTL – Lisbon Tourism Exchange – more than 400 exhibitors and a representation of more than 1,400 companies and institutions – is already sold out in the four FIL pavilions, with the organization hoping to surpass last year’s number of visitors, which was of more than 63 thousand people.

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