Cape Verde spent 11 million euros on Covid-19 response projects in 2022

Cape Verde spent 11 million euros on Covid-19 response projects in 2022
Cape Verde spent 11 million euros on Covid-19 response projects in 2022

Africa-Press – Cape verde. In 2022, the Cape Verdean State spent almost 1,220 million escudos (11 million euros) in projects to directly or indirectly respond to covid-19, practically 77% of the total budget, according to data from the Ministry of Finance.

According to data compiled by the Lusa agency and released by Inforpress from the budget execution report from January to December, the Cape Verdean Treasury financed 54.3% of these expenditures, with the remainder being supported by loans (42.2%) and donations (3 .4%).

The Cape Verdean government has registered a total amount of 1,475.5 million escudos (13.4 million euros) for these programs to be carried out in 2022. However, this value was revised upwards, to 1,589.4 million escudos (14.4 million euros), funds that were later reallocated to “respond to other challenges”, refers to the document.

98.8% of eligible population vaccinated with at least one dose

According to the latest data available from the Ministry of Health, by December 31, 2022, a total of 321,807 adults had been vaccinated against covid-19 with at least one dose (98.8% of the eligible population) and 281,914 (86, 6%) with the second dose.

Among the projects carried out from January to December last year are actions to prevent and combat the disease, with 511.7 million escudos (4.6 million euros), and the implementation of social inclusion income, with 333, 7 million escudos (three million euros), but also the “Escola sem Covid” program, to strengthen the health sector in the fight against the pandemic and guarantee care for dependent people.

Cabo Verde has no restrictions in place, with the exception of the use of a mask in health units, and has recorded 413 deaths from complications associated with covid-19 in more than 63,200 cases of the disease registered since the beginning of the pandemic in the archipelago, in March 2020 .

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