“Moron” who “makes it rain” candies and money for children returns to João Galego

“Moron” who “makes it rain” candies and money for children returns to João Galego
“Moron” who “makes it rain” candies and money for children returns to João Galego

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The area of ​​João Galego, north of Boa Vista, resumed this Thursday, 26, the celebrations of the centenary party “Moron”, of the Ascensão family. The tradition is to distribute candy and money to children on a Thursday, 40 days after Easter.

The last “moron” celebration took place on May 30, 2019, before the pandemic. With the recovery, the population of the João Galego area returned to celebrate the tradition that “makes it rain” sweets and money for children.

To Inforpress, Pedro Mangala, the ‘mordon’ of the party, who is the oldest person in the Ascensão family, explained that the “moron” always takes place on a Thursday and is mobile, because it is scheduled 40 days after Easter.

Multi-generational tradition

The beginning of the festivities has as its starting point the house of Pedro Magala’s grandparents, on Rua Direita. From there, they follow along side drummers and guitar players who accompany three men who hold a century-old “moron” stick, decorated with flowers and plants.

On this route through the main street of João Galego, people from the area and visitors gather at the doors of the residences and along the way candies and money are thrown at the children, who fight for them along the way.

Pedro says that since he was a child he has celebrated “Moron” with his grandparents, a tradition that originated in his family, a legacy that the deceased relatives passed on to other generations.

Continue to pass this testimony

And despite not knowing the details of this tradition, he assured that he insists on continuing to pass this testimony on to the youngest who, nowadays, receive candies and money, instead of the coconut candy, previously distributed.

Magala also explained that on the walk money and sweets are distributed until arriving at the place where the centenary pole of the “moron” is fixed, with a flag.

After some games with the children in the same place, the party-goers go back along the same route and the older ones head to the houses of the other ‘mordons’ to the sound of the theme: “Moron um te espera k bo te xega no heaven pa no ba celebrates san jon. Moron of the Holy Spirit, God takes you to the rescue.” An old song that is part of the tradition.

This traditional festival of João Galego, Boa Vista, ends 15 days later with the removal of the “moron” that is saved for the following year.

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