National Anti-Doping Organization denounces athletes’ refusal to control doping

National Anti-Doping Organization denounces athletes' refusal to control doping
National Anti-Doping Organization denounces athletes' refusal to control doping

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The National Anti-Doping Organization of Cape Verde (ONAD-CV) denounces the refusal of some teams, athletes and sports directors to undergo out-of-competition doping control as part of the anti-doping campaign. The organization will initiate proceedings against athletes and clubs that refuse to submit the inspection.

As part of the National Anti-Doping Programme, ONAD-CV has carried out a series of in-competition and out-of-competition doping controls on several teams and athletes of all sports.

However, as informed by ONAD-CV, in recent days, some teams, athletes and managers have refused to submit to out-of-competition doping control, alleging lack of prior notice and/or lack of authorization from their federation.

In this sense, ONAD-CV advances that out-of-competition doping control does not require any prior notice or authorization from the federations.

ONAD-CV advanced that it will act in accordance with the law and institute proceedings against these teams, managers and athletes, in accordance with the Legal Regime for the Fight Against Doping in Sport in Cape Verde, which in its article 48, no. , in conjunction with article 3, paragraph 5, subparagraphs a) to c), provides that the refusal constitutes a violation of anti-doping rules and may be punishable by suspension of up to 4 years and obstruction constitutes a very serious offence, punishable by a fine of between 100,000$00 (one hundred thousand escudos) and 600,000$00 (six hundred thousand escudos).

“Cape Verde, as it is one of the ratifying countries of the International Convention on the Fight Against Doping in Sport, of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and one of the signatories of the World Anti-Doping Code, of the World Anti-Doping (WADA), has an obligation to comply with the regulations and conventions of these institutions. Therefore, ONAD-CV will do everything to ensure compliance with the law and international standards that bind the country”, reads a note sent to our newsroom.

Thus, ONAD-CV urges all sports agents to engage in the fight against doping in sport in Cape Verde in favor of healthier, fairer and cleaner sport.

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