OE 2023: Minimum wage will increase to 14 thousand escudos

OE 2023: Minimum wage will increase to 14 thousand escudos
OE 2023: Minimum wage will increase to 14 thousand escudos

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The State Budget for the year 2023 prioritizes investment in the Welfare State, Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva said today. The Government will add 1,000 escudos to the minimum wage, which will rise to 14,000 escudos, as well as move forward with the salary update in the Public Administration and with the increase in lower social pensions.

In a communication to the country, made on the morning of this Wednesday, the 5th, the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva announced that the State Budget for 2023 prioritizes “continuing to manage contingencies and emergencies to protect people and companies” , relaunch the economy and prepare the country for a future of “greater resilience and sustainability”.

“In a situation of great difficulties for the State and for companies, we are going to increase the national minimum wage from 13,000$00 to 14,000$00 and proceed with the salary update of the Public Administration and INPS pensioners, between 1 to 3.5%”, he explained. .

Lower pensions with higher increases

According to the head of the Government, salaries and lower pensions will have greater increases, and an investment of around 250 million escudos will be made in regularizing the process of career development of employees of various services.

“43.5% of the total budget is applied to programs aimed at the development of human capital, social inclusion, the reduction of inequalities, the eradication of extreme poverty and gender equality”, he reinforced.

Social pension for over 3,000 elderly people

Within the scope of this budget, another three thousand elderly people will receive a social pension.

On the other hand, the Social Inclusion Income, the Productive Inclusion Program and the Care System will “continue to benefit the poorest and most vulnerable families and people, particularly benefiting women, children and the elderly”, as Ulisses Correia e Silva said.

This, according to the official, through the exemption from payment of registration and tuition fees in basic and secondary education, subsidizing pre-school education and professional training, through the attribution of scholarships, hot meals in schools and access to art and the culture.

“Investing in People”

This SO also includes, according to the same source, the reduction of the VAT rate on water and electricity to 8%, a social rate for water and energy; the exemption of the health user fee and the subsidy of the youth housing credit, in addition to providing for an investment in the rehabilitation of the houses of the poorest families.

“It’s a budget that truly invests in people. Invest in young people”, guaranteed the PM, adding that the OE also provides incentives for employers who hire young people, tax and financial incentives for Start-ups and the promotion of micro finance and investment in the professional training of young people in military service. .

Increase in taxes on alcohol and tobacco

Taxes on alcohol and tobacco will register a “slight increase”, whose revenues will be invested in sports and youth, at around 160 million escudos.

On the other hand, it promises a “strong investment package” in sports infrastructure, budgeted at 600 million escudos, exemption from customs duties and VAT in the construction of sports infrastructures on the initiative of federations, sports associations, sports clubs and city councils.

New health centers

Regarding health, the chief executive announced the construction of new health centers in Monte Sossego (São Vicente), Ribeira Grande de Santiago, Achada Monte (São Miguel), Ribeira das Patas (Porto Novo), São Salvador do Mundo and Brava.

The Boa Vista Health Center, in turn, will be expanded and a sanitary post will be built in Palmeira, in Sal.

“Six ambulances will be purchased for emergency medical services. The OE 2023 also provides for the construction of the HBS Maternity and Pediatrics Unit, the construction of an intensive care unit at the HBS and the installation of a Medical Simulation Center and a Technical Center for the Maintenance of Medical Equipment in Praia”, he also announces. .

National security

With regard to security, the recruitment of 138 new National Police officers, 25 Judiciary Police inspectors and 50 prison security officers was announced.

In addition to these measures, the Government is committed to the continuity of the plan for the social reintegration of ex-prisoners, as well as the operationalization of the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences.

Airplane for the Coast Guard

Also within the scope of this budget is included a Coast Guard detachment with a ship to guarantee medical evacuations on Brava Island as well as the acquisition of an airplane to inspect the air and maritime space and emergency medical actions in the country, whose acquisition process guarantees, It’s in progress.

9 billion contos line of credit

The economic recovery program, says the PM, will be reinforced with the acceleration of the use of the credit line of 9 billion escudos, under “very favorable” conditions for companies.

On the other hand, the Impact Fund in the amount of 10 million dollars and the Sovereign Private Investment Guarantee Fund, in the amount of 90 million euros, will be operationalized.

With these and other investments, which also include renewable energy, agriculture, livestock and fisheries, he believes, the country will increase its resilience.

“OE 2023 allocates resources to these priorities, which will be complemented with private investments and public-private partnerships”, stressed Ulisses Correia e Silva.

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