Portuguese company to prepare studies to modernize Cape Verde airports

Portuguese company to prepare studies to modernize Cape Verde airports
Portuguese company to prepare studies to modernize Cape Verde airports

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The Portuguese company Quadrante was chosen by the Vinci group to develop, in a consortium, the architectural and engineering studies for the first phase of the development program for the seven airports in Cape Verde.

The announcement of the development of projects that are part of the concession contract that the Government of Cabo Verde signed with Vinci Airports|ANA, for a period of 40 years, was made this Monday, in a statement quoted by the “Executive Digest”.

“The Concession Agreement will allow for the expansion, modernization, maintenance and operation of four international airports (on the islands of Sal, Santiago, Boa Vista and São Vicente) and of three aerodromes intended for domestic traffic (islands of Fogo, São Nicolau and Maio). ) and respond to the growth of Cape Verde’s economy, which has seen an increase in air traffic since 2010, reaching 2.7 million annual passengers in 2018.


According to the same source, after the impact of covid-19, like most tourist destinations around the world, traffic recovered to 80 percent (%) of 2019 levels during the second quarter of 2022.

The consortium to which Quadrante will be a part will thus support the Vinci group “in the development of the Preliminary Studies and Engineering Preliminary Project of the first phase of airport development, including interventions in the Airside Operational Areas and in the Passenger Terminals, as well as the implementation of energy generation systems based on renewable sources (solar and wind) for airport consumption”.

The same source mentions that Quadrante’s CEO, Nuno Costa, highlights that “this is a great opportunity to reinforce Cape Verde as a tourist destination and even as a regional ‘hub’, improving the sustainability, connectivity and operational performance of infrastructures. airports”, while helping to offer an “experience of excellence” to passengers visiting these airports.

“For Quadrante it is also essential that we participate in the Vinci group’s roadmap for carbon neutrality, since these works are included in the goal of reducing the carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, with a view to carbon neutrality at airports by 2050”, adds.

Contract with Vinci

The Government signed the contract for the public airport service concession to the Vinci group, involving the management of four international airports and three aerodromes for 40 years, receiving 80 million euros in July.

According to the contract, the first installment, of 35 million euros, must be delivered on the start date of the concession and the remaining 45 million euros “when the traffic registered in 2019 is recovered or, in the first quarter of 2025″.

The Vinci group will also have to pay annually a percentage of gross revenues to the State of Cape Verde, of 2.5% from 2022 to 2041, 3.5% from 2042 to 2051 and 7% from 2052 to 2061.

The concession also provides for an investment by the Vinci group in Cape Verde’s airports and airfields, over its 40 years, of 619 million euros, of which 281 million euros for the expansion of port infrastructures and the remaining 338 million euros for heavy maintenance.

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