Santo Antão: Union denounces delays in payment of salaries at Spencer Construções & Imobiliária

Santo Antão: Union denounces delays in payment of salaries at Spencer Construções & Imobiliária
Santo Antão: Union denounces delays in payment of salaries at Spencer Construções & Imobiliária

Africa-Press – Cape verde. The Free Union of Workers of Santo Antão (SLTSA) denounced the delay of more than two months of salaries in the company Spencer Construções e Imobiliária (SCI). The company, entering, denies it.

The permanent secretary of the SLTSA, Carlos Bartolomeu, explained that this is a “recurring” situation that SCI workers have been going through.

The same source considered that these workers are experiencing a “difficult” situation, since they have a socio-financial commitment to honor with their family, school age children, health, food, and bank commitments.

In addition to these workers, Carlos Bartolomeu emphasized that there is another group of employees of the same company who are in a situation of termination of contracts, and the union is threatening to file lawsuits against SCI in court.

A way that, according to Carlos Bartolomeu, he found to “try” to recover the rights of these workers, since, according to the unionist, the company wants to pay what it wants to these workers.

“It is a very difficult and complicated company, from the point of view of dialogue, and many times it even tries, but, always with its resistant position, of want I can and I command”, he claimed.

Therefore, the official of the SLTSA claimed that he has been “drawing the attention” of the Government of Cape Verde to adopt a “supervision posture”, through the entities with responsibilities in this matter.

“We appeal to the Government of Cape Verde, the municipal councils of the island and beyond, to review the form, the contracts for the execution of works in the country, which they have been signing with this company, taking into account the way in which it has treated workers. , with a lot of inhumanity and mistreatment”, launched the challenge.

Company denies two months of salary arrears

In turn, the person in charge of SCI, João Spencer, denied that the company owes two months of salaries to its employees, explaining that there is a delay of 10 days to a specific group, and, as he clarified, this is the first time that it happens.

The official assured, however, that next week they expect to resolve this delay.

As for the group of workers with which SCI will terminate their employment contract, the same source explained that it is a group of carpenters and other activities that the company currently has no task for them in Santo Antão.

“According to the law, we had a meeting with the Directorate-General for Labor to reach a collective agreement with these employees, but the group did not agree. We are acting with what is stipulated in the law”, he pointed out.

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