Africa-Press – Eswatini. Government continues to urge the nation to refrain from acts of violence and coercion that lead to damage of properties and infrastructure.

This comes after the arson attacks and burning of tyres that continue regardless of government’s call for an end to acts of violence.

The latest cases of arson occurred at Inyatsi Construction Limited situated at Sigombeni worth not less than E8 million, burning of sugar cane fields at Malkerns and burning of tyres at Msunduza on Sunday night.

Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo said the continued threats to other citizens was not only a crime but also an infringement of the rights of others in society.

“It is government’s position that violence will not create an amicable environment for a free, transparent and people – driven national dialogue.

“Emaswati, must continue to respect the laws of the country and refrain from all activities which have the potential for disturbing peace in the country. This is the time to close ranks among Emaswati as opposed to driving – a wedge between each other,” said Nxumalo. Adding, he said the first step towards that desired direction was to be law-abiding citizens and be patient with pending national processes such as the facilitation of the national dialogue.

Amid suggestions by different pro-democracy formations that last year’s June 29 events be commemorated and some threatening another civil unrest, the spokesperson urged the nation to stay away from the proposed June activities.

He said the so called ‘united for the final push’ by political formations might actually end up translated a “fragmentation for the final collapse” of these formations in the country. He said the contradictions within their (political formations) ranks were glaringly in the open. He said Emaswati were no longer prepared to be used as pawns and foot soldiers in yet another theatre of deadly episodes as seen on June 29, 2021.

“Emaswati in their entirety, must reject the idea of using them as fire kindles tinkhuni tekubasa umlilo which will leave the country in a traumatic state again. The political formations attempts’ at engineering a second episode of the June 29 unrest may continue to pose serious danger to the lives and properties of Emaswati.

“The future of our children will further be stolen again by marauding gangs whose identities remain unknown,” he further stated. Nxumalo said if these planned activities go ahead, peace and the rule of law would be compromised as well.

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