Russia can export 50 million tons

Russia can export 50 million tons
Russia can export 50 million tons

Africa-Press – Eswatini. The Russian government announced on Friday (27) that it plans to export 50 million tonnes of cereals in the next agricultural year, a strong increase compared to the current year, at a time when fears of a global food crisis due to the conflict in Ukraine are feared. .

Russian grain exports are currently being held back by sanctions in the supply chain and financial sector, while agricultural power Ukraine is being hit hard by the military conflict with Russia.

“In this season (2021-2022) we have already exported 35 million tons of cereals, including 28.5 million tons of wheat, and by the end of the agricultural year (30 June) we are aiming to export 37 million tons. of cereals”, said Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev at a forum of sector exporters.

“Next season (from 1 July 2022) we estimate our export potential at 50 million tonnes,” added the Russian minister.

Russia estimates the 2022 harvest will be 130 million tonnes, up from 121.4 million tonnes the year before.

Russia and Ukraine are major agricultural powers, with wheat, corn and sunflowers in particular supplying the world market.

The conflict and retaliatory sanctions against Russia have upset the world’s food balance, raising fears of a serious crisis that will particularly affect the poorest countries, and negotiations are under way to unblock Ukrainian ports by the Russian navy.

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