Badou Jack: ‘I thought I Won the Fight’


Gambian boxer Badou Jack believes he won his weekend loss to friend Jean Pascal.

The two have been bosoms until they brokered a deal agreeing to fight in the ring with a belt on the line.

Jack was coming from a unanimous lost to the undefeated Marcus Browne January this year in which he sustained a horrific cut that needed long stitches.

The 36-year-old started off delivering a right-hander but as typical of his game, he slowed down a bit reading and enduring his opponent’s blow impacts but recovered in the third round before getting knocked down mid-way.

‘I thought I was winning, but maybe I’m wrong. I would love a rematch. Of course, I feel I won the fight, but it is what it is. He’s got a helluva chin, he’s a tough warrior, and I want to thank him for the opportunity,’ Jack, who represented Gambia in the 2008 Olympics, said.

Jean was pronounced winner on split decision.


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