Court Orders defendants to vacate in Rongo’s Case


Principal Magistrate Omar Cham has issued orders for the two defendants in their civil case involving Rongo to vacate the premises they are occupying.

Momodou Lamin Jarju alias Rongo is the plaintiff and a native of Banjulinding in Kombo North district and the two defendants Ablie Bah and Nyima Nyassi are also from the same.
Below you have the ruling and the order of the court.

In the exercise of the courts’ summary jurisdiction, upon hearing the evidence of the plaintiff and the exhibits tendered, I am convinced that the plaintiff have shown title or interest in the land which he is seeking to evict the defendants.

Accordingly, both defendants are hereby ordered to be evicted from the premises they are occupying.

The 1st defendant is ordered to be evicted on or before the 30th November 2019 and failure to be enforced by the court. The 2nd defendant is ordered to evict the premises on or before the 30th January 2020 and failure to be enforced by the court.
Furthermore, both defendants and their families are hereby restrained to enter the premises to avoid any further dispute. It shall be contempt of this court if the defendants fail to adhere to the orders.


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