Gambia College Restricts Fee Increase To New Intakes


The Tuition fee increment at the Gambia College this academic year will now apply to only new intakes. Second- and third-year students are exempted.

The College authorities, almost a month ago, came up with the decision of increasing the tuition fee from D7000 to D12,000 this academic year.

This increment, almost sparked a serious conflict between the students and the authorities, because the students refused to pay D12,000 noting that it wasn’t written on their acceptance letter at the time of admission.

The cry of these students, pressed both the Students’ Teachers Association and the Gambia College Students’ Union, to squarely engage the authorities to reverse the decision.
The President of the Gambia College Students Union (GCSU), Antouman Jagne, said it was a rough journey but after several meetings and dialogue with stakeholders on the increment of tuition fee, matters came to a fruitful end.

“I was called at the Ministry of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (MOHERST), where the Registrar of Gambia College, principal, president of the academic board, chairman and vice chairman of Gambia College council were in attendance.
“There it was disclosed to me that the decision over the tuition fee increment at the Gambia College is being reversed and the ongoing students will continue to pay D7000,” he said.

The President of the GCSU acknowledges the Student Teachers Association (STA) and GCSU for the tireless efforts they have been doing to bring a smile on the faces of the students.

Lamin Jobe a second year student at the Gambia College School of Education said this issue of tuition fee has prevented many students from going to college.
“Some of us are from very poor backgrounds and we find it very difficult to pay the seven thousand dalasis,” he said.

The student added if the increment of tuition fee was maintained at D12,000 he would have quit the school of education and go to another area.


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