First I want to thank you for the all the efforts you’ve taken to fight against Corruption in our mother land the Gambia. The CDS MASANNEH KINTEH has wrecked the armed forces coffers with the help of finance officer Musa Jammeh through a vendor called Samba Jallow commonly  known as Batch. Batch is a meat supplier to the army. It is this Batch they used  to assist them loot the Gambia Armed Forces monies. Batch just constructed a storey building in Kunkujangand that is where he moved in sometime last month.

Batch owned 2 V8 Toyota land cruisers vehicles thanks to the bad and corrupt leadership of GAF.

All CDS and Musa Jammeh needs are provided by Batch and batch will in turn write those invoices as if he supplied  meat  and Musa Jammeh will process the payments.

This can be verified at Yundum Barracks where Batch supplies meat whether they received all those meats Musa and CDS are paying for? It’s very sad we dont have a serious mechanism in place to check the amount of corruption and looting going on in the Armed Forces.

Soldiers are suffering. No good food, no transport nothing and CDs and Musa Jammeh are enriching themselves to the detriment of the soldiers who they are suppose to serve well.To the new Defence Minister you have a lot to do.

A comprehensive and thorough investigation into the Armed Forces has to be carried out.

Any incoming new CDS will definitely have to look into all these corruptions and these people must be brought to book.

Written by a Concerned Citizen

Editors note:  The Views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.  His claims are being treated as allegations until proven otherwise.  Thanks.


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