Butter’ to the world: Onesimus ruling with ‘Bygones’ video

Butter’ to the world: Onesimus ruling with ‘Bygones’ video
Butter’ to the world: Onesimus ruling with ‘Bygones’ video

Africa-Press – Malawi. Musician Onesimus has proven to be taking the ‘African Butter’ to the world as his newly released ‘Bygones’ video which is part of his ‘I Am Strong’ EP is receiving tremendous praises with others saying the artist now deserves an American award show recognition, BET Awards.

The multi award winning Onesimus who was born Armstrong Kalua, released ‘Bygones’ video on Monday this week and it has already attracted over 62 thousand views on YouTube in the first 15 hours.

In the catchy video, the ‘Solomon’ hit maker has inserted in beautiful and very attractive models who have really catched the attention of many viewers who have watched the captivating piece which seems to be an anthem of heartbreak and detachment as a coping mechanism.

The video together with the entire seven-track ‘I Am Strong’ Extended Playlist, i attracting ululations and praises with others saying Onesimus, has once again proven himself as a rising star in the music industry whose EP is set to resonate with audiences around the world.

“Dear Lord, I know as a country we have failed but please bless this man ONESIMUS by taking his art to the epitome world, he deserves it. If it’s not him now then who will represent Malawi? We have talent in Malawi yes but this one is so special. I want to see him breaking the borders and penetrate thoroughly with your Grace, in Jesus name I pray,” wrote one X user.

Apart from this, the ‘I Am Strong’ EP, also set ‘African Butter’ a new record after getting over five million units sold on all digital platforms in the first 24 hours and some people says the artist is now worthy America’s BET Award.

Meanwhile, the sharp-voiced Onesimus has commended his fans for a promising feedback and he wrote on his Facebook page saying; “I am amazed by the positive feedback on Bygones Music Video, Thank you much you can watch it on my YouTube channel.”

‘I Am Strong’ EP has hits like; ‘Ubwela’, ‘Love Again’, ‘Nabanda’ ‘Runaway’ and ‘Bygones’ just to mention a few.

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