Exclusive! How did Sylvester Namiwa get kidnapped

Exclusive! How did Sylvester Namiwa get kidnapped
Exclusive! How did Sylvester Namiwa get kidnapped

Africa-Press – Malawi. The civil rights group, Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa since last week has been pushing for President Lazarus Chakwera to honor his promise to trim his powers.

The move has no been going well in Tonse Alliance government’s main partner Malawi Congress Party (MCP) thinking that Namiwa is being sponsored by Vice President Saulos Chilima who challenged law makers on presidential immunity towards addressing corruption.

Namiwa with CDEDI since last week has been refusing to meet with Tonse authorities on the matter at different venues. Come, Wednesday, July 27, 2022 soon after addressing the news conference at Crown Hotel, Namiwa was heading home via Mtunthama road where there is presidential lodge.

Upon passing Area 3 roundabout enroute to Likuni, unknown thugs with unregistered number plate vehicle over took Namiwa’s car then blocked him. Without realising that it was a plot to kidnap him, Namiwa came out of his car to confront the thugs, its then the abductors dragged him into their vehicles in zigzag way into Area 3 location streets.

Some CDEDI members tried to chase the abductors vehicle but were not successful “Unfortunately, Namiwa left all his mobile and laptop in his car as abductors just picked him. Currently, we dont know his whereabout,” narrates Edwin Mauluka CDEDI Communication Officer.

However, Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) and the Pan African Civic Educators Network (Pacenet) have condemned the alleged abduction of activist Namiwa.

In a brief statement published on its Facebook page, MHRC says it is monitoring and working with different agencies to investigate Namiwa’s alleged abduction. In a press statement, Pacenet executive director Olive Mpina has also described the incident as very unfortunate.

On the other hand, Leader of Opposition in Parliament Kondwani Nankhumwa has asked relevant authorities to investigate Namiwa’s alleged abduction and that personally, he is also monitoring the situation.

Nankhumwa warned that if anything happens to Namiwa, the current administration will be held accountable. Namiwa’s nationwide demonstrations scheduled for tomorrow is still on according to CDEDI’s Wednesday press statement.

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