Opposition DPP endorses anti-Chakwera mass protests

Opposition DPP endorses anti-Chakwera mass protests
Opposition DPP endorses anti-Chakwera mass protests

Africa-Press – Malawi. The Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has endorsed nationwide demonstrations against President Lazarus Chakwera’s Tonse government slated for October 27 to 28, 2022 in major cities of the country.

Action Against Impunity has organised demos on Chakwera’s Tonse government institutionalized corruption, incompetence and impunity. The protests will be held in the county’s major cities of Blantyre, Zomba, Mzuzu and Lilongwe.

In a brief press statement signed by DPP administrative Secretary Francis Mphepo says demonstrations are rights to be respected “The Constitution of Malawi, which is the Supreme Law of the land provides for the Right of Malawians to assemble and demonstrate with others peacefully and unarmed.

“To that effect we call upon the Tonse Government to facilitate these planned demonstrations, by providing necessary security to persons and property. We should however issue a stern warning to Tonse Government against directly or indirectly frustrating and tampering with this right to demonstrate,” reads part of DPP statement.

DPP endorses, “All leaders of the party at area, constituency, district, regional and national level committees are called to mobilize Malawians to join these demonstrations”.

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