Rwanda and Angola to sign 13 more agreements

Rwanda and Angola to sign 13 more agreements
Rwanda and Angola to sign 13 more agreements

Africa-Press – . Angola and Rwanda are expected to sign more 13 agreements in sectors like justice, human rights, mining and natural resources among others.

The development was announced by Amb. Eduardo Filomeno Barber Leiro Octavio who represented Angola in Kigali during the national celebrations of the 46 Anniversary of the national independence day of Angola which took place at Marriott Hotel in Kigali on November 11.

In his opening remarks, Amb. Octavio highlighted diplomatic relations between his country and Rwanda since 1990s and explained that Rwanda is among over 80 which has good diplomatic relations with Angola.

“Angola and Rwanda so far has excellent diplomatic relations. Officials representing the two countries will soon meet where 13 more agreements will be signed. In 2002 Rwanda and Angola signed a memorandum of understanding where both countries agreed to partner in the areas of political consultations between the two governments.”

In 2020, Rwanda and Angola signed a partnership in the field of civil aviation, Security and Public order, Information technology and investments opportunities.

Angola and Rwanda share similar Liberation history

The State Minister in the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Prof Manasseh Nshuti in his closing remarks, said Rwanda and Angola share a lot in common regarding their Liberation history and struggle for justice, and human rights.

“Celebrating this anniversary is an occasion to remember Angolan heroes who stood up 46 years ago to fight for their freedom and create a better future for the people of Angola, we salute you for that, your anniversary comes at a time when we in Rwanda also recently remembered our heroes.”

Both Rwanda and Angola are members of the International Conference on Great Lakes region (ICGLR) and both are signatories to the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the DR Congo and the region.

The ICGLR is an intergovernmental organisation composed of 11 countries.

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