Weather experts closely monitoring Cyclone Eloise

Weather experts closely monitoring Cyclone Eloise
Weather experts closely monitoring Cyclone Eloise

Africa-PressBenin. The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services says it is closely monitoring Tropical Cyclone Eloise which is expected to hit Mozambique on 23 January.

Director for the Department Jolamu Nkhokwe said the cylone has had no impact on Malawi so far but could induce heavy rains over the country.

According to Nkhokwe, Eloise has developed in the Indian Ocean East of Madagascar.

It is expected that the cylone will cross over Madagascar today and enter the Mozambican channel tomorrow. It will then land in a town south of Beira on Saturday.

“On its way from Madagascar to Mozambique, Cyclone Eloise will be strengthening the Inter-tropical convergence zone and Congo air mass and therefore inducing widespread and heavy rains across the country,” said Nkhokwe in a statement posted on the department’s Facebook page this morning.

Malawi was expected to be hit by Cyclone Chalane in December last year but the cyclone weakened and died before reaching the country.


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