Ex-governor wants speedy human-wildlife conflict settlement


Former Taita Taveta Governor is proposing that payments resulting from human-wildlife conflict be expedited with compensation concluded three months after the incident.

Speaking in Mombasa, Mruttu said that many people have suffered death, injuries, crop and livestock destruction from wildlife.“Whereas the Wildlife Management Act provides for compensation in the event of such loses, the reality on the ground is that there is no single individual who has received compensation,” Mruttu stated.Mruttu said that this is even though losses occur almost daily and reports get filed with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

Mruttu suggested that the law needs to be amended to fix a limit of three months within which compensation should be made.On the division of revenue between the national and county government, law provides for equitable sharing of revenue between national and county governments.”However, we have seen many wrangles and conflicts on this issue every year. Commission for Revenue Allocation (CRA) exists but its function is limited to making recommendations only as provided for in Article 261,” he said.

Mruttu suggested that to solve the problem, it is necessary to strengthen the functions of CRA so that it makes a binding determination on revenue sharing.The former governor also wants secondary school education made compulsory and free. The current situation where schools are allowed to levy fees beyond the reach of many Kenyans is not sustainable,” he said.

On runaway corruption in the country and culture of electoral violence, Mruttu blames state agencies and officers whom he accuses of not doing their jobs.He gave the example of the jailing of Kenyans in US prisons suspected of involvement in drugs after their arrests were made on Kenyan soil before being repatriated to the US. ” There is a need to enact laws that will ensure full compliance,” he said.


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